Rifle Hunting in Namibia

Game is usually spotted from the hunting vehicle during the early morning or late afternoon and stalked on foot from there on. However, on the client's request, the entire hunt can be done on foot. When hunting on foot, shooting is normally done from the standing position using shooting sticks as this improves shot placement and because bush and grass can make shooting from a sitting position impossible.

It is advisable that the hunter is in a good physical condition and a reasonable shooter as these factors always influence the outcome of the hunt.

Calibers and Bullets

The toughness of African game is renowned. For small and medium sized plains game (Impala up to Kudu) a bolt action or single shot rifle of .270 or 30-06 caliber is recommended if a proper bullet is used.

For big game, like Eland, a larger caliber rifle like a .338 will be sufficient. For thick-skinned game (Giraffe), the minimum caliber allowed is a .375 magnum. Many hunters find that a .375 Magnum is a very good all-round rifle for both plains and dangerous game hunting. When selecting a bullet it is important to remember to only use heavily constructed bullets like Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Swift A-Frame, Winchester Fail-Safe and Barnes X. We do not recommend polymer tipped bullets in a high-powered rifle.

Many hunters go out and buy a heavy recoiling gun a month before coming to Africa because they think they are going to need a super powerful gun. Very often this is a mistake and they find they have more gun than they can handle. Remember like with all hunting, shot placement is everything, so please bring the gun or guns you are most confident with.


  • A hunting guest may only take two animals of a kind each year, irrespective if the trophies are exported or not.
  • All Trophies must attain the minimum points of trophy quality.
  • Exceptions are allowed only with old, setback or very abnormal trophies.

Rifle Import Requirements

Hunters entering Namibia with a rifle(s) must complete a temporary import permit application form for all rifle(s) and/or ammunition in their possession.

Rifle Import Permit



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