Travelling to Africa

Flight options

Home town to Washington DC

Washington DC to Johannesburg, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia

Using this option means that, if you leave home today, you will be in Namibia the following evening. This is the number one recommended route.

When your nearest international airport is Frankfurt, Germany

Direct flight from Frankfurt to Windhoek, Namibia

Using this option means that, arriving early the next morning at Frankfurt, get a day room at a hotel to freshen up, or you can visit Frankfurt. That evening you fly to Windhoek in Namibia, arriving the next morning at about 09h00.

Flights depart the US for Frankfurt on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. On the way back flights from Windhoek to Frankfurt will depart on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Departure time will be around 20h50 in the evening and will arrive in Frankfurt around 05h40 the next morning. You will connect to your onward flight within about five hours, so will arrive back in the USA that same day.

Shots or immunizations for entering Namibia

Namibia does not require any shots. However, we recommend that you make sure your tetanus shots are up to date. Our concession areas fall outside high risk malaria areas, however the decision is yours.


No visa is required. Passport must be valid for a period of 6 months beyond your return date and contain 2 blank pages side by side for official stamps.

Essential information on hunting in Namibia

Travelling with firearms and requirements for importing firearms

Namibia is one of the most hunter friendly countries in Africa.
Airline baggage insurance is not enough to cover your firearms in the event they get lost in transit, take out full insurance for all firearms and any other valuable items you might have before travelling anywhere in Africa.
NAPHA, however, recommends a maximum of two firearms per hunting client and flying directly to Namibia via Europe e.g. Frankfurt (Germany) and London (Gatwick) Visit for flight schedules and prices.

Recent regulations have made travelling with firearms a time-consuming process when entering South Africa.

Make sure that you stay in transit with your luggage if travelling through South Africa and keep in mind that South African immigration control clears a maximum of two firearms per person for import and the rifles must be of a different calibre;

It is suggested that you bring between sixty and eighty rounds of ammunition per hunting rifle.

Suggestions to minimise problems when travelling with firearms

  • Bows currently do not require any form of documentation and is regarded as luggage. The only problem will be if you need to overnight in South Africa, where there is quite a bit of paperwork to complete.
  • A maximum of 100 rounds of ammo may be imported per rifle and only ammo for the specific calibre
  • If you do bring a shotgun, don't hassle with ammo. We will supply plenty
  • A rifle in the 300 Magnum range (300 WinMag, 338, etc.) will be good for all our plains game up to Eland
  • All bags need to be adequately marked with name tags for identification
  • Pack an unloaded rifle in a sturdy carry case (preferably with the bolt removed)
  • Have a separate lockable container in which to store your ammunition separate from your rifle in your checked luggage
  • At the check-in counter at the point of departure, insist that the agent check your firearm through to Hosea Kutako International Airport, Windhoek, Namibia. Your bag tag should read, for example: New York – Frankfurt – Windhoek OR Atlanta – Johannesburg – Windhoek. (This is sometimes not possible if the airlines you are using do not have baggage agreements. Inquire about this before purchasing your ticket);
  • Windhoek Airport’s International baggage code is WDH;
  • Physically check your baggage tag to ensure that it has been correctly printed and attached. Inquire if a colourful in-transit tag is necessary when travelling through another country.
  • You will be required to fill out a Rifle Import/Export Application, which must be handed to the police at the airport. Download and print your Rifle Import Application. Have it filled out and ready when you arrive in Namibia.
  • At the bottom of this form there is a table to be filled out. Some of the questions are a little confusing, so here is an example of what they require:
  • Before leaving the USA, you must visit your nearest Customs office and complete a form CBP 4457 - Declaration of Personal Effects and list your firearm(s) on it. Not important when you are leaving the country, but very important when you return.

Travel Arrangements

  1. You are required to arrange for your own Visa or other required entry documents into Namibia. Transport to and from Windhoek must also be arranged by yourself
  2. Afrihunt Safaris may not be held responsible for entry refusal into Namibia or late arrivals.
  3. Expenses for the Safari are calculated and incurred in advance, and we will therefor not refund any costs in cases of late arrivals or early departures.

Safari Contract, Deposit and Payment Conditions

Your Safari is booked and reserved only once Afrihunt Safaris receives a signed Safari Contract, along with a deposit of 50% of the daily fees for designated length of the Safari. The balance of the daily fees is payable 6 months prior to the commencement of the Safari. All payments are to be made in US Dollars unless an arrangement was made with us for payment in another currency.

Please use the "On-line Booking Request" form to request a Safari Contract

We require a 50% deposit of your daily fees in order to confirm your booking

Deposit payments should be made payable to the account of:

Ohange Namibia Lodge cc
Standard Bank
Tsumeb Branch
Account No: 041632567
Branch Code: 084773
Swift Code: SBNMNANX

Our USA corresponding banks are:

City Bank N.A., New York or Standard Chartered Bank, New York.

Bank drafts, Credit cards and Cash will be accepted at the end of the Safari.



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